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Urge Pasadena to Approve the Measures to Address Homelessness

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March 22, 2016 By Jonathan P. Bell Where are we now on homelessness in Los Angeles?

Urban Girl of the Month: Qiuana Williams

2 Urban Girls is excited to announce the selection of Ms. Qiuana Williams as our Urban Girl of the Month of March.  Ms. Williams is an active member in the community, while also juggling the demands of motherhood.  As those selected before her, she is an inspiring African-American woman young girls can look up to.


Blind Item: He’s Black, Gay and Proud

This former elected official has come “straight out the closet”!  


Urban Girl of the Month: Elaine Brown

Oakland and the World Enterprises is the brainchild of former chair of the Black Panther Party (BPP) for Self Defense and an Alameda County Supervisor.  Their nonprofit runs a community garden, which in turn, employs former prisoners, that tend a community garden.  The employees earn $20 an hour and are learning how to be entrepreneurs.

City Employees Gon’ Wild

City employees have it bad.  So bad that the general public is following their every move.  The latest caper involves lunch time holiday parties, city vehicles and alcohol.  These naughty actions also caught the attention of the folks on Spring St.  Specifically, those in City Hall.


Urban Girl of the Year: Dr. Melina Abdullah

Dr. Melina Abdullah is an organizer within Black Lives Matter-LA (BLMLA) and the Chair of the Pan-African Studies Department at California State University, Los Angeles.  She was selected as our “Urban Girl of the Year” for her consistent advocacy, for the last two years, on behalf of unarmed men being killed by police.  

City of Los Angeles needs a ‘Department of Homelessness’

Written by General Jeff DOWNTOWN- Earlier this summer, the LA City Council created an ad hoc Homelessness and Poverty committee. Because of the overwhelming need to address homelessness citywide, the committee was soon changed from an ad hoc to a permanent standing committee. 

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