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Community Review: Positive insights on Inglewood

A 2UrbanGirls reader, DW, submitted the following link to share the positive side of Inglewood.  The story initially ran last month in the New York Times.  Enjoy and thanks for sharing!

Welcome to Inglewood Unified School District Dr. Brann

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Welcome to Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) Dr. Brann.  As a former educator in neighboring Wiseburn School District, you have first hand knowledge regarding the serious decline in education provided to the students of the IUSD. Many of the parents have removed their children after elementary school to attend middle & high school in your former district.

An Open Letter to Inglewood Residents from the Equity in Education Committee

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The Equity in Education Committee wants to thank the Inglewood Unified School District community for the encouragement that you have given us while working to hold the State accountable for overspending school funds since taking over IUSD. We are asking for your help to


Community Review: Inside the Morningside High School Students Protest

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will.” -Frederick Douglass

Community Review: Compton Candidate Forum 5/25

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Today, May 25th, the Compton Chamber of Commerce held the final candidate debate for the upcoming runoff election for Mayor of Compton between former Mayor Omar Bradley and political newcomer Aja Brown.  We received the following observation from a long-time resident.


An open letter to the Inglewood community

Dear Inglewood Community Members, The Inglewood Unified School District’s students needs your help. 


**UPDATED 3/30** Community Forum for IUSD stakeholders March 27th

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