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Najee Ali wants you to know L.A. activists support Sebastian Ridley-Thomas for State Assembly

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As the race for the 54th State Assembly seat enters its final week frontrunner Sebastian Ridley-Thomas and his family continues to be the target of smear campaigns by the opposing candidate in this race Chris Armenta and his surrogates.

Urban Girl responds to a loyal reader

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Today I received an inquiry on article content on this website.  Do I cut and paste or write original content?  Here is your answer.

What’s the point

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People have asked what’s the motive behind 2UrbanGirls.  Do I have political aspirations?  Well the answer is no.  Not interested in being a politician, but are interested in posing questions, that require critical thinking, when it comes to holding our elected officials accountable.

Letter to the Editor: Is the LA County District Attorney showing favortism

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Hello, In re: LA Times article fails to credit Compton resident in article

I see YOU and Thank YOU

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2UrbanGirls would like to give a thank you to all of you taking the time to read the articles published on this site.  2UrbanGirls is well received around the globe! Thank you to those around the world and those nationwide who are Keeping up with the Urban Girl!

In memory of Markeis V. Parish

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Thank you to Koren Saenz, a former teacher of Markeis V. Parish, who submitted these kind words to share with you.  Today Markeis Parish was buried while his killer is still roaming free.


Should Inglewood trust Tom Torlakson

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2UrbanGirls had a few questions to ask of CDE Superintendent Tom Torlakson, who is an elected official, on the state of the Inglewood Unified School District.  I follow him on Twitter and he is regularly attending photo ops, I mean community events, in the South Bay and Compton, but hasn’t been seen in Inglewood since he […]

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