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“Don’t Ask, No Questions!” Pt. 2

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Part 2 of 2: Compton Measure P Shocking Details and the Marijuana Initiative Welcome to Part 2 of our two-part discussion called “Don’t Ask, No Questions,” a primer on the Compton City Council agenda items scheduled for Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 at 5:30PM at 205 S. Willowbrook in the City of Compton. Highlights of the […]

Compton residents expand on their position on the Wilmington Port Access Corridor

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Letter to the Editor: Foreclosures

2 Urban Girls received the following inquiry regarding their home in Compton, CA, via twitter. My house had a buyer before the sign went up.  We tried for 9 months to buy a house in Compton.  It was like a crooked auction.


Letter to the Editor: Racial Makeup of Law Enforcement Agencies doesn’t matter if it isn’t ethical

Should local law enforcement agencies employees have the same racial makeup as the city they work in?  An editorial on this subject appeared in the Press Telegram in reference to the Long Beach Police Department.  We received this Letter to the Editor re:   Long Beach police force needs to reflect the community it protects: Editorial stating […]


Letter to the Editor: Jim McDonnell

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2UrbanGirls has received this Letter to the Editor in response to the candidacy of Jim McDonnell for Sheriff of Los Angeles County.

Letter to the Editor: Why the Proud Bird Restaurant needs to remain open

Nearly 70 years ago, African-American men climbed into old substandard airplanes and fought Germany in the skies of Italy, while being discriminated at home. It was widely known that German prisoners of war in the states were treated better than the African-Americans that vanquished them on the battlefield.  It is amazing that this treatment never […]

Why South L.A. didn’t receive Promise Zone funding

When President Obama officially announced, last week, that several low-income Los Angeles neighborhoods would b eligible for grants as part of his “Promise Zone” poverty initiative, it caused a great deal of uproar from some elected officials and South L.A. residents because none of the areas selected were in South L.A. Los Angeles “Promise Zone” […]

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