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Blind Item: Is the CA Democratic Party discriminating against its own party members

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Is the CA Democratic Party blocking “Berners” from party seats?

Blind Item: He’s Black, Gay and Proud

This former elected official has come “straight out the closet”!  


City Employees Gon’ Wild

City employees have it bad.  So bad that the general public is following their every move.  The latest caper involves lunch time holiday parties, city vehicles and alcohol.  These naughty actions also caught the attention of the folks on Spring St.  Specifically, those in City Hall.


Blind Item: Got Loyalty?

What’s loyalty?  This candidates lack of loyalty, could lead to their downfall.  Although they present in an articulate and charismatic fashion, many question their true intentions in the community.  So does 2 Urban Girls.


Blind Item: City of Hawthorne

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Is it a friend of yours?  With the November election weeks away, 2 Urban Girls was able to confirm shenanigans going on in the city of “good neighbors”.  Apparently a multiple term elected official, who is currently campaigning, has been too neighborly with city employees.  Allegations of harassment can be heard around the South Bay.  A […]

Blind Item: Who Gon’ Check Me Boo

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Take that, take that.  Sources say that a Compton elected official got into a verbal sparring match, at a local union function yesterday, with an elected officials spouse, which ended with a possible assault charge being filed.


Blind Item

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Well.  Well.  Well.  If it isn’t Richard Wrongtree, Langston Snooze.  This mayor, moonlighting as a writer, manages to put readers to sleep on a weekly basis.  The mayor has also lost more money, that would benefit the black community, than the law allows.  The Black community is being bamboozled, in front of their very eyes, […]

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