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Compton was the American dream, is it still

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2 Urban Girls stumbled across a video which details the state of the city of Compton in 1971.  The video looks at the city from the lens of the newly elected Black leadership and whether they were able to stave off poverty in the Hub.  When Dr. Dre released his latest CD titled “Compton” residents were […]

Does recent arrests vindicate the former mayor of Compton

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A former member of the Compton Police Department (CPD) and his son were recently indicted on charges of drug trafficking and money laundering.  Former Compton Mayor Omar Bradley disbanded CPD due to numerous allegations of missing narcotics and guns from the Compton station.  Ironically, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office received an internal affairs […]


Word on the Streets: Top executive to be transferred to another department

A top Compton City Hall executive is expected to be transferred to another department.  City Hall insiders share with 2 Urban Girls that former CRA director, now Successor Agency head, Kofi Sefa-Boakye, might be moved to the city’s housing department.  This alleged action comes at a time that the Successor Agency is hosting a community […]


Former Compton deputy treasurer cops a plea

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The caged bird won’t SING.  Former Compton Deputy City Treauserer Salvador Galvan has agreed to cop a plea with the United States of America.  So did Galvan’s wife Rosa Galvan, who terminated her employment with the city of Compton the day her husband was arrested.  As opposed to pleading “guilty” he has decided to take […]


Compton Elections: 2 Urban Girls predictions

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City of Compton residents are on the precipice of “change”.  That changes begins with electing the best leaders to lead the city in the right direction.  What characteristics/traits should residents be looking for in their candidate of choice?  Their ability to bring the council together, their ability to remain humble and most importantly take actions […]


Compton Elections: Meet City Treasurer candidate, Jenise Davis

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City of Compton residents are highly pissed off about the outrageous amount of money missing under the current City Treasurer.  Short of asking Comptonites to vote on a charter amendment removing the position as elected, they are tasked with selecting a new Treasurer on April 18th.  2 Urban Girls reached a former elected official, who […]

Breaking News: Judge puts Measure P in its place

Compton residents have gone to court against Measure P.  Although LA County filed a demur against the residents challenge, the judge threw it out and a trial date has been set.  What does this mean for potholes in Compton?


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