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Cities must share cost for services under this H.U.D. grant

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) put out a RFP for cities seeking economic revitalization through the National Resource Network (NRN). The NRN is a component of Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative which was awarded a $10 million dollar grant. NRN provides technical support to cities, who seek access to experts, on […]

City of Compton seeks to expand surveillance of residents

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City of Compton proposed a resolution to direct the city manager to increase surveillance throughout the city. This program is designed to utilize vehicle license plate reading software, that assists law enforcement in comparing license plates, in their database, that require “attention”. A resolution to amend the current agreement and rescind Resolution 24,114 was introduced […]


.@SCAQMD finds #Compton Brickyard Project poses significant #cancer risks to residents

The Compton City Council has been accused by the Compton Unified School District (CUSD) of not enforcing the city’s municipal code when it comes to regulating illegal businesses, while a review of the upcoming city council meeting for April 7th, shows they are preparing to revoke a businesses special bingo license.  Another agenda item, which […]


Brooklyn is officially the most unaffordable housing market in America

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In no less than a dozen articles, Compton Mayor Aja Brown has declared she wishes to turn the “Hub City” into the “new” Brooklyn.  In October 2013, Mayor Brown told The Guardian “…Compton is this amazing place, with a rich history…I see as the new Brooklyn.”  Yes, the City of Compton has a long history […]

Compton Mayor featured in Elle Magazine

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Compton Mayor Aja Brown is telling it like it is.  In a recent article that appeared in Elle Magazine titled “AJA BROWN WANTS TO TURN COMPTON INTO THE “NEW BROOKLYN“ she discusses her frustration with getting information out of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and also gives insight as to what is brewing behind the […]

Who is running for the City of Compton City Council

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Today is the last day individuals interested in running for Council Districts 1 and 4, in the City of Compton, can certify for the April 21st election.  It appears that a certain candidate, who was so distraught over the education our young children, is already bailing on his duties on the school board.  In a […]


Compton Mayor did NOT mislead the community

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City of Compton residents were confused by a recent article that claimed the city received a $1.3 billion dollar grant.  The article initially appeared in Essence Magazine.  Titled Aja Brown’s Master Plan some residents questioned the size of the grant and whether it were true or not.  After researching, 2UrbanGirls found the information that confirms […]


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