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Congressional Black Caucus says “NO” to the White House

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What have you done for us lately?   That’s the question members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) are asking President Donald Trump?  Citing the Trump Administrations “doing nothing to advance the CBC’s priorities” members of the CBC have turned down an invitation to meet with Trump.  What is the CBC’s priority?  Giving local school […]

District Attorney files charges against mayor of Palmdale

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District Attorney Jackie Lacey has filed public corruption charges against Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford.  Ledford was charged with illegally receiving more than $60,000 a year from local consultants and failing to publicly disclose the income on annual Form 700’s aka economic statements. Two consultants were also charged with embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds.


Sen. Steve Bradford retracts statement on Inglewood Police Shooting

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2 Urban Girls previously published an article on June 8th titled “Inglewood Senator supports Black Lives Matter via new legislation” where he stated his support of legislation to increase transparency of police agencies.  Sen. Bradford could not be reached for comment.

Will African-Americans benefit from the marijuana industry

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African-Americans looking to enter the legal marijuana industry face higher hurdles BY TRACY JAN AND FENIT NIRAPPIL THE WASHINGTON POST Darryl Hill, hailed for integrating college football in his youth half a century ago, was a successful entrepreneur with no criminal record and plenty of capital when he applied for a license to grow marijuana […]

5 Inglewood officers who killed couple in parked car are now off police force

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According to the LA Times and Inglewood Mayor James Butts, five Inglewood Police officers are no longer working for the department.  The announcement marked the end of an internal probe of the Feb. 21, 2016, slayings of Marquintan Sandlin and Kisha Michael.

Breaking News: Active shoooter on Dominguez High School Campus

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Reports are coming in there is an active shooter at Dominguez High School, located in the unincorporated area of Compton.  Will school police activate their arsenal of AR-15’s?  Teachers describing scene as “chaotic”.  Story still developing.

Former Compton deputy treasurer cops a plea

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The caged bird won’t SING.  Former Compton Deputy City Treauserer Salvador Galvan has agreed to cop a plea with the United States of America.  So did Galvan’s wife Rosa Galvan, who terminated her employment with the city of Compton the day her husband was arrested.  As opposed to pleading “guilty” he has decided to take […]


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