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Los Angeles – As part of the FBI’s continuing commitment to attract highly skilled and diverse talent, the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office will host a unique event on May 9, 2017, in Hollywood, California.  The event is part of the FBI’s “Diversity Agent Recruitment” Program, an initiative aimed at reaching applicants with a variety […]

Rest in Peace: Mike Chattom

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Today the hood lost a real one.  Mike Chattom was an active community member who fought on behalf of those who could not.  Whether he was attending a Compton city council meeting, moderating candidate forums, hosting NAEJA community meetings or advocating on behalf of the (formerly) incarcerated, those who knew him knew he did it […]


Compton Elections: 2 Urban Girls predictions

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City of Compton residents are on the precipice of “change”.  That changes begins with electing the best leaders to lead the city in the right direction.  What characteristics/traits should residents be looking for in their candidate of choice?  Their ability to bring the council together, their ability to remain humble and most importantly take actions […]


Compton Elections: Meet City Treasurer candidate, Jenise Davis

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City of Compton residents are highly pissed off about the outrageous amount of money missing under the current City Treasurer.  Short of asking Comptonites to vote on a charter amendment removing the position as elected, they are tasked with selecting a new Treasurer on April 18th.  2 Urban Girls reached a former elected official, who […]

Breaking News: Judge puts Measure P in its place

Compton residents have gone to court against Measure P.  Although LA County filed a demur against the residents challenge, the judge threw it out and a trial date has been set.  What does this mean for potholes in Compton?


When achieving local hiring mandates goes bad

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L.A. City Controller Calls on City to Incorporate Audit Recommendations in New Labor Agreement Download the audit here. Los Angeles – The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power spends about $40 million a year on apprenticeship programs to train new workers, even though three of the department’s four programs graduated 51 percent or fewer of […]

Compton Elections: Inside the Compton Finance Department

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2 Urban Girls has received a copy of the affidavit, submitted by Special Agents, investigating theft of public funds from the city of Compton.  The affidavit was used to support charges being filed against Salvador Galvan.  After reading the 31 page report, 2 Urban Girls is asking, when will his accomplice be arrested?  2 Urban […]


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