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City of Hawthorne includes President Trump in Black History Month display

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2UrbanGirls was sent a disturbing Instagram video made by a member of the Hawthorne City Council.  In the video, titled “Happy Black History Month” City Treasurer L. David Patterson films a display case located in Hawthorne’s City Hall.  Many wonder if the inclusion of Presidents Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan is a cruel joke by Republican Mayor […]

The Community Meeting they don’t want you to attend

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Congresswoman Maxine Waters doesn’t appear to be a fan of eminent domain.  

Another City Controller bites the dust

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City of Compton residents can’t catch a break.  It is being reported by City Hall insiders that a key employee in the finance department walked off the job today. The department now has eight vacancies.


U.S. Treasurer appointed by President Nixon dies

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Ramona’s Food Group has reported the death of their founder Ramona Acosta Bañuelos.  Many aren’t familiar with Bañuelos being the nations first female AND Latina U.S. Treasurer.  The community knows her for her delicious Mexican food eateries, Ramona’s which is headquartered in Gardena, CA. 

Follow up: City of Compton taxpayers subsidize 2015 State of the City

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Compton Mayor Aja Brown has held one state of the city, that we are aware of, since becoming mayor in 2013.  2UrbanGirls reported on the event costing $100 per person with checks made payable to the mayor’s non-profit Urban Vision CDC instead of the city’s Chamber of Commerce.  2UrbanGirls has received the final costs for […]


State Controller’s office quietly audits city of Compton

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City of Compton insiders have confirmed the State Controllers office is preparing to issue a final report on the city’s finances within weeks.  2UrbanGirls has received a copy of the preliminary report and City Manager Cecil Rhambo confirmed its authenticity.  Betty Yee’s office details a laundry list of issues with the city’s money, which tie […]


Compton Councilman’s Annual Toy Giveaway helps over 1,500 kids

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Compton Councilman Isaac Galvan’s 5th Annual Toy Giveaway gave food and toys to over 1,500 Compton children.


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