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Before you spend your Tax Return, find out if you owe first

It’s that time of year.  Statue of Liberty’s will be dancing on corners and folks are preparing to spend tax money, that hasn’t come yet.  Last year, many were disappointed when their money was absconded by the nasty tax offset collection agency.  Here is a helpful tip to ensure you will get a refund this […]

California Scheming? Funneled Donations Raise Ethics Queries

State Sen. Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) said Tuesday that he introduced a bill that would forbid members of the state Board of Equalization from acting on any tax matters involving donors who had given any amount of money to their political campaigns in the previous 12 months.


L.A. Controller: City Failing to Charge, Spend Developer Fees for Infrastructure

How many jobs does this represent?  Apparently the good folks at the City of Los Angeles Dept. of City Planning aren’t charging maximum allowable fees, on all of those high rise building sprouting up around Downtown Los Angeles.  Nearly every vacant parking lot has construction going on and the general fund isn’t reaping the benefits. […]

Russell Simmons’ RushCard creates fund to help customers

NEW YORK (AP) — RushCard, the pre-paid debit card backed by hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, will create a “multi-million dollar” fund to help cover the costs that its customers suffered while the card was beset by technical problems earlier this month.

Will Compton Unified School District respond to this Public Records Request

Got transparency?  As we head into the final days before the Compton Unified (CUSD) elections, voters are being asked to elect three board trustees and consider approving Measure S.  Measure S is a $350 million dollar school bond, that could very well double in cost, by the time Compton property owners pay the final payment.  […]


Russell Simmons RushCard holders still have no access to cash

How low can you go?  Lending money to low-income communities has become financial and political fodder for those exploiting them.  From predatory home loans, car title loans and pre-paid debit cards, these so-called solutions are not the good ideas many in the low-income community thought they would be.  The recent catastrophe of predatory lending comes […]


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