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Board of Equalization to face outside audit

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Allegations of misspending preface Board of Equalization (BOE) audit.  After the Sacramento Bee’s reporting of an office remodel of a BOE member, the century old periodical now reports the agency has been under an audit with the CA Department of General Services since July of this year.  The BOE oversees about $60 billion in taxes and […]

What do you want Compton: jobs or sales tax revenue?

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Compton city council is back in session.  As the mayor and council return from their August break, residents are once again not happy with the contents of the regular city council meeting scheduled for September 6.  City Manager Jerome Groomes wants to hold a public hearing, September 13, to give a multi-billion dollar company a break […]


Inglewood Unified prepares to save taxpayers money

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Inglewood Unified is giving Inglewood homeowners some financial relief.  According to meeting minutes for the Measure GG Oversight Committee, the district is “refunding” bonds associated with Measure K.  Homeowners have pledged over $200 million dollars to upgrade Inglewood schools since the 90’s via two school bond measures.

Eagle Rock tenants don’t stand a chance against rent increase

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Living in city-owned rent controlled units doesn’t exempt you from massive rent increases. The Eastsider LA is reporting a city owned housing complex in Eagle Rock, is increasing rent over the 3% annual limit imposed by the city of Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance.  Rent is able to be doubled since the owner doesn’t have tenants receiving […]

Should the city of Compton allow marijuana cultivation in the city

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Will the city of Compton reverse their ban on marijuana?  The last regular city council meeting agenda included an item to allow for a presentation on the “Marijuana Adult Use Initiative” headed to the November 2016 ballot.  A public hearing is scheduled for September 13, 2016, when the council comes back from their August break, […]


Frontier Communications outages could cost residents their lives

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The Frontier acquisition of Verizon is turning into a disaster.  After the multi billion dollar acquisition of Verizon land lines, in April of this year, customers have complained of outages since day one.  In addition to the outages, billing issues are also of concern to their nearly 4 million new customers.  Frontier executives informed the […]

What to expect when new minimum wage takes effect

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The minimum wage is increasing in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County starting July 1, 2016 and will reach $15.00 an hour in 2021.  Did you know the Small Business Initiative (SBI) was created to assist your small business during the wage increases?  We’re here to help.

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