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Have you noticed the renovations on the I-15 freeway

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Have you noticed the drive to Las Vegas has gotten considerably better?

Summer Car Care Tips for Women *sponsored post*

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My friend Jennifer inspired this post.  Jennifer saw a good deal on Groupon for an oil change for $24.00.  She left there spending over $300.00.  What happened?  Most mechanics take advantage of single women who don’t have a man to help them weed through the mechanics bullshit.  Here are some tips for the single ladies […]

LA County Sheriff pens Op-ed re: Metro contract

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Should the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department retain the lucrative LA County Metro contract, exclusively?  2 Urban Girls says “NO”.  Although the Sheriff’s department is the nations largest, there are not enough deputies to handle the extensive Metro bus and rail lines.  This author rides Metro regularly and ALWAYS sees STRONG Sheriff’s presence on the rail […]


The LA Sentinel doesn’t want you to hear the truth

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The LA Sentinel refuses to believe in the racist practices of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority aka LACMTA.  They have went so far as to pull a dissenting article written by author Larry Aubry, a trusted news source.  Evidence of Metro’s racism is embedded in the lack of minorities benefitting from lucrative Metro […]

Behind the Scenes: Metro sales tax Measure M

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2 Urban Girls has to give props to the mayor of Carson Albert Robles.  Citing “fairness and equity”, Carson and six other cities have filed a lawsuit in regards to the language of the measure to increase the sales tax to fund Measure M.  A measure put on the ballot by the LA County Metropolitan Authority. […]

Was Measure P passed to rebuild the Wilmington bridges

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This weeks Compton city council agenda details how the city manager proposes Measure P proceeds be spent.  Despite receiving $14 million in grants, Haley is requesting $35 million from Measure P proceeds go towards the Wilmington Ave Port Access project. Compton called the project a “huge benefit” to repair the city’s infrastructure while simultaneously asking voters […]


Compton residents continue to clap back at City Hall

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Compton residents continue to sound off in their hometown newspaper.  Residents have submitted another seething article to the Compton Herald regarding their issue with the Wilmington Ave. Port Access Plan.  Residents want to know when and how Wilmington became a designated truck route.  Unfortunately the blame is being placed on Mayor Aja Brown who had […]


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