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South LA councilman pretends to be at community meeting

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South LA residents are getting fed up with the lack of leadership in Council District 8.  To add insult to injury, councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson uses social media to pretend he is at community meetings, when he is not.


Compton prepares to amend ordinance allowing marijuana cultivation in private residences

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Marijuana consultants and lobbyists can claim a victory in the city of Compton.  The January 10 council agenda will start the process of amending a city ordinance, which would allow marijuana cultivation in private residences and within limited areas.  They also want a CEQA exemption to bypass environmental studies.  

Will the city of Hawthorne allow medicinal marijuana use instead

Marijuana lobbyists won’t be happy about this.  On December 13, 2016, the Hawthorne mayor and city council unanimously passed Resolution No. 7872, declaring a moratorium on the establishment of non medicinal marijuana use in the city.  The moratorium is set to expire on January 27, 2017.  The city will receive a report at tomorrow’s city […]

Sheriff deputies shut down Compton marjiuana dispensary

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It’s a great day in the city of Compton.  Sheriff deputies conducted an operation, helmed by the Narcotics Bureau, which resulted in the shutting down of the illegal marijuana dispensary.  2 Urban Girls has obtained a copy of today’s email that went out to city hall administrators and elected officials from Lt. Ashrafnia, detailing the outcome.

LA County Sheriff pens Op-ed re: Metro contract

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Should the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department retain the lucrative LA County Metro contract, exclusively?  2 Urban Girls says “NO”.  Although the Sheriff’s department is the nations largest, there are not enough deputies to handle the extensive Metro bus and rail lines.  This author rides Metro regularly and ALWAYS sees STRONG Sheriff’s presence on the rail […]


Compton fails to submit crucial ambulatory application to LA County

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Are McCormick Ambulance and the Compton Fire Department in cahoots?  The city of Compton doesn’t want to pay to save their resident’s lives.  After failing to respond to a key LA County RFP to provide “Basic Life Support” (BLS) services, the city of Compton will forgo hiring regular employees to save money by contracting with […]


The LA Sentinel doesn’t want you to hear the truth

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The LA Sentinel refuses to believe in the racist practices of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority aka LACMTA.  They have went so far as to pull a dissenting article written by author Larry Aubry, a trusted news source.  Evidence of Metro’s racism is embedded in the lack of minorities benefitting from lucrative Metro […]

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