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Documentary: Killing at the Carwash

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Killing at the Carwash explores the shocking levels of gun crime in America by tracking one shooting in forensic detail.  Set against the backdrop of escalating gang violence in LA, first-time director Lindsey Mace investigates the murder of 19-year-old Tavin Price, who was shot four times for wearing the wrong colour shoes.

Dave Chappelle makes appearance at Inglewood night club

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Inglewood is FINALLY up to some good!  The Savoy Nightclub was the place to be when Dave Chappelle made a surprise appearance at the birthday celebration of fellow comedian Chris Spencer. Owner Jonathan DeVeaux tells 2 Urban Girls ” Inglewood is back. Bringing Hollywood to Inglewood. The area is being revitalized and we’re happy to […]


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By:  Alice Speri THE LARGEST PRISON strike in U.S. history has been going on for nearly a week, but there’s a good chance you haven’t heard about it. For months, inmates at dozens of prisons across the country have been organizing through a network of smuggled cellphones, social media pages, and the support of allies […]

Loyola Marymount University alum examines gentrification in Inglewood

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By:  Garrison Asma, Life+Arts Intern for the Los Angeles Loyolan The long-missed L.A. Rams begin their first season back in Los Angeles since their departure in 1994 and it has been quite a whirlwind finally making it to this point. Rumors, unofficial announcements and misinformation abounded. It was not until last January that the Rams […]

Is the U.S. Government back pedalling on medical marijuana benefits

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The United States government is well aware of the medical benefits of marijuana.  They have been supplying five chronically ill people, with a monthly supply of pre-rolled joints, according to a popular 2007 documentary titled “In Pot We Trust”.  The patients are also allowed to consume their “medicine” during work hours.  Imagine that.

Jill Stewart on the Urban Girl Show

Jill Stewart is the Campaign Director for the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative and former Managing Editor of the LA Weekly.  Jill appeared on the Urban Girl Show to discuss the initiative and its desired impact on the future of developing and planning for the city of Los Angeles.   

Miseducating the urban community contributes to “aggression”

What’s aggression?  The Urban Girl Show looked at the root of aggression, in urban communities, on this week’s show.  Inadequate education, inadequate job training and inadequate opportunities are definite indicators those who don’t have the aforementioned will not be the happiest person in the community.  How do we change that?

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