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Compton Elections: Has Mayor Aja Brown risen to the challenge

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Compton Mayor Aja Brown is headed for a runoff with former Mayor Omar Bradley.  An old endorsement from Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas discusses why he supported her in the 2013 race and Compton residents are asking themselves, “has she risen to the occasion?”


Compton Elections: Official Results

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Compton residents will look forward to the General Election June 6th.  Seats for Mayor, Treasurer and Third District are all headed to the runoff between the top two vote getters.  In theory, Mayor Aja Brown lost to the residents of Compton only receiving 47% of the vote but will enter the runoff against Omar Bradley […]

Assemblywoman Autumn R. Burke’s Bipartisan Bill to lift 1 million California Children Out of Poverty Advances

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LOS ANGELES – Assemblywoman Autumn R. Burke advanced her landmark bill Wednesday, April 26th, to provide a comprehensive framework for economic, education, social service, health care and human service programs and innovations to help lift an estimated California’s 1-million children out of poverty.  Some critics argue this framework is a “stealthy threat” to Prop 13 which reduced property […]

Asm. Autumn Burke sponsors insurance bill that could hurt consumers

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A California bill up for an Assembly committee hearing Wednesday would allow methodologically ludicrous insurer surveys to count as a “good faith” effort to determine a labor rate.  Assembly Bill 1679 essentially gives a stamp of approval to all of the bad behavior the California Department of Insurance recently sought to check.


Melendez Calls on Attorney General to Investigate Political ‘Quid Pro Quo’ in Passage of Gas Tax

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Assemblywoman Melissa A. Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore) sent an official letter to California State Attorney General Xavier Becerra calling for an investigation of apparent quid pro quo-inspired vote trading, in order to pass Senate Bill 1, possibly violating several state and federal laws.

Compton Elections: Unofficial Results

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Compton residents are a gluton for punishment.  Despite the city’s woes: $3.7 million missing taxpayer dollars, Compton’s declaration of a fiscal emergency, lack of enforcement of the city charter/municipal code and no new development in the city, residents are poised to re-elect the very same leadership they so tirelessly complain about on social media.  Here […]


Local mayor declares candidacy for Board of Equalization

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The 2018 Election season has begun.  Most candidates have already declared their intentions for desired seats and today 2 Urban Girls received a text from a local mayor declaring his candidacy for the seat soon to be vacated by Jerome Horton.

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