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2010 MOU between ITA and Inglewood USD excluded CDC and Head Start

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The Inglewood Teachers Association (ITA)  and IUSD entered into a Memorandum of Understanding  (MOU) in 2010 that denoted the decrease in work days during SY’s 2010-2013 for certificated employees but interestingly didn’t cover staff at CDC and Head Start.  CDC and Head Start were specifically excluded from the MOU.  Is this how the State was able to […]

**Updated** Sunburst Youth Academy for At-Risk Youth

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Do you have a child that needs help that you are struggling to provide?  Is your child at-risk of not graduating and/or going to jail?  Are you a single mother at your wits end on what to do to get your child motivated?  Sunburst Youth Academy is an excellent, live-in program, that is offered at 5 1/2 […]

Can residents sue IUSD for awarding no-bid contracts

Torrance Unifed being sued for making end-run around lowest-bidder law By Rob Kuznia Staff Writer Posted:   04/10/2013 04:11:02 PM PDT

Welcome to the IUSD recently elected school board advisory members

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The City of Inglewood recently held municipal elections this past Tuesday, April 2nd.  The results are in and we have new members elected to the Inglewood USD school board. 

Former IUSD school board candidate has her panties in a bunch

A recent review of the agenda meeting minutes shows that in March 2012, Margaret Richards-Bowers lost her position as President of the Ladera Heights Civic Association (LHCA).  She contested the results


This IUSD partnership with Brotherhood Crusade is not equitable for all students

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A recent article in the LA Sentinel reports a partnership between Revolution K12 and the Brotherhood Crusade, whose chairman of the board is the same vendor hired to build LaTijera, was given a grant by a foundation to provide technology services to students at City Honors, LaTijera and Parent.


**UPDATED 3/30** Community Forum for IUSD stakeholders March 27th

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