Carson residents have a strange love affair with Cancer

ShellOil-638x385Continuing on in our series of the potential health effects of building on a closed landfill, 2 Urban Girls wonders if the current council is aware of their residents long history of high cancer diagnosis due to the severe toxicity of the Earth beneath them? Heck, do the residents even know?  In October 1999 the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors ordered an investigation of cancer clusters found in Carson, CA and Sun Valley, CA.  The clusters were cited as the cause of the investigation due to the proximity of schools to the landfills in each of those cities. 

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The city has a long history of being an oil excavation and storage site, like another nearby city.  The Carousel Tract lawsuit confirmed that city council let developers build on a contaminated site and more importantly, Shell Oil Company was found to have not cleaned and contained the toxic portions of the soil, properly.

In October 2014 City of Carson officials praised Shell Oil company for pledging nearly $146 million towards the clean up of the land under the carousel tract.  Quite a task with homes already in place.  Even Erin Brockovich came to town.

In November 2014 Shell agreed to compensate nearly 1,500 homeowners, nearly $90 million, in the Carousel Tract, for their exposure to the hazardous fumes emitting from under them. By December Shell was changing their tune saying they are re-considering the lawsuit since the people should have known the land in Carson was contaminated, due to its history of oil production and as a direct result, it’s not their fault since it wasn’t a secret.  The City of Carson joined the suit with the residents.

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Now a mere three months later, Carson is touting across the world their intentions to build a stadium on known contaminated land, known at least since 1999.  The City of Carson was incorporated in 1968 and one of the current UUT Commissioners, Harold Williams, is one of the founding members of the city.  He definitely should know the history.

More than 13,000 signatures were signed in support of building the stadium on known toxic land.  Did Carson residents just ass themselves out of their settlement by contradicting themselves?

How can you sue a company because you chose to purchase a home on known toxic land and now you are signing a petition asking the city to build a stadium on known toxic land?  Who will they sue next, the Chargers and Raiders?

City of Carson elected officials may have helped save Shell Oil Company $90 million dollars.  Here we where laughing that the Carson council wanted to “ban” residents from reading the Daily Breeze and clearly they already don’t.  Sandy Mazza has discussed all of these issues ad nauseam.

Carson residents have already spent nearly $100 million in redevelopment costs towards the clean up, which Sandy Mazza reported back in 2010.

Here’s a tip, look for Sandy Mazza’s stories on Mercury News in addition to the Daily Breeze.



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