Carson Mayor Responds to Allegations

Albert-RoblesCarson Mayor Albert Robles is running interference on allegations he is a sexual harasser.  Former Water Replenishment District board member Lynn Dymally filed a lawsuit listing the allegations, which comes at an inopportune time with the city in the spotlight for a possible NFL team.  Mayor Robles went on the Fred Roggin show, of all places, to make his first official statement on the matter.

STATEMENT BY ALBERT ROBLES regarding the allegations of sexual assault made by Lynn Dymally in her lawsuit filed May 12, 2015:

I am shocked and thoroughly disgusted by Ms. Dymally’s irresponsible and false allegations. I absolutely deny each and every allegation of inappropriate conduct.

I know that as an elected official I am a target for political attacks. However, Ms. Dymally has gone too far. The consequences of her false and abhorrent allegations reach far beyond me and deeply wound innocent people, such as my wife, children and parents.

It’s a shame that Ms. Dymally would stoop so low and hurt innocent people and abuse the judicial system to simply satisfy a personal political vendetta against me for not supporting her initial appointment to the Water Replenishment District and her election.

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