Carson mayor proves he is untrustworthy

This is really unfortunate.  South LA councilman Curren Price Jr. had to hear from a journalist that his first divorce has yet to be finalized.  The attorney who helped Price file his legal paperwork is Carson Mayor Albert Robles.  As Black Los Angeles rallied behind Price, The LA Sentinel went a step further and called the revelation a “political ploy”.  Documents determined that’s a lie.

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The Sentinel quoted Robles:

Curren Price is divorced, end of story.  I was Curren Price’s attorney, my office filed the paperwork.  As far as Curren Price is concerned, his divorce was settled years ago and that’s what was communicated to Mr. Price at the time.  I am no longer Curren Price’s attorney, and in light of these politically motivated allegations, we are coordinating with Curren Price’s legal counsel to provide all of our files and documentation.

Many wondered why Curren doesn’t have his own proof he is divorced.  Former District Attorney Steve Cooley has never been a fan of “Little Al”.   LA Times quoted Robles in 2013:

What I hear is that Albert Robles is corrupt, Albert Robles is in it for the benefits,” he said. “That he’s untrustworthy, he’s a liar, stuff like that. It used to bother me. Now I don’t care.

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Voters will either sympathize with Price as a victim of an inept lawyer, or will vote for his opponent, Jorge Nuno.

Election is Tuesday, March 7th.

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