Carson councilman changes tune on recently fired City Manager

In August the Carson city council fired city manager David Biggs in a closed session and hired his replacement, Sam Ghaly, although he lacked experience as a city manager.

Councilman Mike Gipson, who is running for State Assembly in 2014, was initially happy with the hiring of Ghaly.

“He did very well in an interview with myself,” Gipson said. “It gave me a ray of hope that we could have someone to move the city forward.”

In today’s edition of the Daily Breeze, Gipson has changed his tune.  Apparently he wasn’t happy with the immediate firing of top city officials once taking the helm as city manager.  Apparently Ghaly was firing people at the request of the majority council and when David Biggs refused to fire city employees, he himself was let go.

One would question if Gipson is in the closed session meetings, to hire/fire city managers, why is he now questioning his own decision?  Was he not aware of what the majority is up to?  Has Gipson defected from the Carson council majority due to his assembly run?

With Jim Dear having Albert Robles on the council, Gipson is no longer needed to go along with the majority.

One would have to question, is Attorney General Kamala Harris, inquiring as to how recently elected councilman, Albert “Lil Al” Robles is able to hold TWO elected positions.  Robles also sits on the Water Replenishment District, which covers water rates for Carson.  Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

What’s interesting about Carson, in comparison to Compton and Inglewood, the city has maintained their white populations.  In the late 70’s “white flight” was seeing urban communities decrease in white populations, thus the white elected whites were being voted out in favor of blacks.  Carson currently has whites and blacks as the majority of the residents, but only one black elected official.


Based on current mayor Jim Dear’s profile, he keeps black votes through his membership with the NAACP.  Dear also expresses he is concerned about the environment, however, residents living in the Carousel tract are sitting on contaminated land and the Daily Breeze reports he is looking to start drilling in another area surrounding Home Depot?

It was reported that after being re-elected to mayor in April, Dear would go on to remove several measures put in place giving him ultimate authority, with Albert Robles saying that the mayor should have more authority than council.  Some of his moves include:

Hopefully Carson residents grow tired of Jim Dear’s abuse of powers and set in motion putting a measure on the ballot to BRING TERM LIMITS TO THE CITY OF CARSON.  Should Jim Dear be allowed another decade on the dais?

Mike you’re a Carson resident, would you vote in favor of term limits for elected officials in Carson?

For you Carson residents out there, can you please explain what Mike Gipson has done for the City of Carson that warrants him being elected to the State Assembly?


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