Carson councilman challenges audience member to a fight (video)

thCurrent Carson councilman Mike Gipson is running for State Assembly to represent the 64th State Assembly District.  Gipson’s site calls him the “frontrunner” for the race against his opponents Compton Unified Board Trustee Micah Ali and City of Long Beach councilman Steve NealGipson has worked for the late Merv Dymally and currently working with Board of Equalization chairman Jerome Horton.  His tenure in the City of Carson, has yielded mixed reviews.  His site states:

Approximately 26% of the district’s registered voters live in Carson and are familiar with Mike’s long record of public service.

They are also familiar with Mike challenging Carson residents to fights during council meetings.

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  1. Morningside Park Chronicle says:

    If that were a member of the public I imagine the LASD deputy at the
    bottom of the shot would have “escorted” such a person of interest out
    of the room immediately. Why is a councilman allowed to behave that way—and why not give brickbats to audience members as they enter the room? After all:

    If only council members in these grossly corrupt charter cities of southern California were as passionate about truly serving the interests of their constituents—and said constituents were allowed to be armed in the case a council member dared to challenge them—then perhaps the U.S. would not be in the position it has come to be.

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