Carson City Clerk continues to make derogatory comments about African-Americans

Councilman Jawane Hilton. Photo: The Wave Newspapers

Councilman Jawane Hilton. Photo: The Wave Newspapers

Still seething from the chaotic Carson city council meeting, current city clerk, Jim Dear, has made disparaging remarks about supporters of newly elected council member, Pastor Jawane Hilton.  Dear was also accused of making suspicious remarks to the former City of Compton city clerk Charles Davis.

At the June 16, 2015, city council meeting, Charles Davis appeared before council accusing Jim Dear of using the “n-word” when Dear served Davis with a summons to appear in court.  Dear vehemently denied this.

During the council meeting, after Dear failed to certify the June 2nd election results, Mayor Albert Robles and council woman Lula Davis-Holmes, made a motion to appoint Hilton to one of the vacant seats, while they waited for Dear to finish the provisional ballot counting.

Jim Dear went on record with Ari Noonan, of The Front Page Online, with these comments about supporters of Jawane Hilton, who were in attendance.

At that point, I said ‘There is no quorum.’ The Council cannot conduct business without a quorum. The mayor said, ‘We already have conducted business. We already have appointed Jawane Hilton.’ The Hilton crowd was there, and they cheered. Mob mentality.

In a previously published Daily Breeze article Carson City Clerk Jim Dear rants at mayor, storms out of chaotic meeting; new councilman takes oath, commenters discussed Dear possibly committing voter fraud, by having two long time polling places, serving African-American constituents, moved.

Jim Dear has since finished counting the provisional ballots and has declared Jawane Hilton the newest council member to the city council.

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