California Politicians are holding Prop 39 funds hostage

sac beeLast month the Sacramento Bee reported on the political wrangling of Prop 39 funds.  Back in November, Californians passed Prop 39 which changed how businesses are taxed.  The passing of the measure will generate close to a billion dollars annually.  There is approximately $400 million earmarked for our schools with half required to be spent on energy-saving projects in schools, colleges and other public buildings.

Co-author of the bill, Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles, engaged in a pointed exchange with Gov. Jerry Brown‘s budget point man, Michael Cohen, over Brown’s plan to distribute the school money widely, based on attendance, with every school in the state getting at least a token amount.

It appears as though our Gov is helping decrease the number of schools who get their fair share by having kids leave certain school districts, which will ultimately beef up the enrollment in the area you prefer the money to go.

We have seen the continuous new development at both of our local community colleges and especially over in Centinela Valley/Hawthorne area and even Lennox was spruced up to lure administrators, staff and personnel out of the Inglewood Unified School District.
Last week KPCC reported that Gov Brown also has a bill on his desk that will allow for transgender children to use whatever bathroom they are identifying with.  KPCC also reported about the sweet black kid from Crenshaw High School who inspires his teacher to come to school everyday but the photo they used is an up close shot of his neck tattoo.
Reputable papers helping to further the agenda of the destruction of the public school system and parents are oblivious.  Too busy getting ‘turnt up’ and posting pictures of themselves on social media.  The place to be is at your child’s school making sure they have the best opportunities possible.
Prop 39 created additional money for education and it is being held hostage for political gain.  All the while our students continue to suffer.

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