CA Dept. of Education gives State of the IUSD address

IUSDToday, May 28th, the California Department of Education held a meeting today to discuss the financial position of the Inglewood Unified School District.  The meeting was presided over by Richard Zeiger, Michelle Plumbtree of FCMAT and state interim superintendent LaTanya Kirk-Carter.

The main focal point of the presentation was to present the decline in both revenue and student enrollment.  IUSD currently has close to 11,000 students and a debt of close to $17 million.  IUSD has already exhausted $29 million of the $55 million loan.  When asked where did the $29 million get spent, the answer was on repayment of the TRAN along with paying bills the board didn’t pay in school year 2011-12, those bills then carried over to the 2012-13 year.  Coincidence?

Many members of the unions came forth to ask questions once the presentation portion was over.  Some questioned why the state and LACOE would continue to approve budgets submitted by the board knowing the district was in a state of decline?  Why is LACOE approving so many charter schools within the IUSD?

The state also made mention that possibly 171 classified positions would be affected by the next round of cuts, but Mrs. Kirk-Carter was clear that the positions that could be affected would not be published until a couple of weeks from now.  Perhaps to ensure work continues to get done?  What assurances do we as parents have for the coming 2013-14 school year?  Can we count on the teachers to show up to work consistently with so much uncertainty in the air?  What happens to our kids education if they are left with substitutes who refuse to teach in the absence of the regular teachers?

It appears that FCMAT came out to IUSD a couple of years ago and reviewed the finances of the district.  The board was given recommendations, that Mrs. Kirk-Carter revealed, were neither heeded nor implemented.  Based on the presentation, the years IUSD suffered the most was in 2010 and 2011.  Which brings up the best question asked of the entire Q&A.

Local newspaper publisher, Teka-Lark Fleming of the Morningside Park Chronicle, came forth and asked, “…is it true the IRS is auditing the books of IUSD…to be more specific is the IRS auditing 2010 and 2011?” to which Mrs. Kirk-Carter responded, “yes”.  This would be the period that Arnold Butler served as president of the board (2010) followed by Dr. Johnny Young as president from 2011.

The one question no one failed to ask, and I was wishing they were is, “when are folks going to jail? “

Please note: I personally feel that the state has been investigating the finances of the IUSD for the past three years.  Richard Zieger admits the board was in shock to learn they would lose local control once the state authorized the loan.  The state taking over sooner than expected didn’t allow any additional evidence to be lost and/or destroyed.  Soon, and very soon, the boards chickens will be coming home to roost.  The meeting lasted until approx. 11:30pm and the ONLY advisory board member to address the IUSD employees and public was Carol Raines-Brown.  Dr. Young and Arnold Butler were present but did not speak up in defense of their actions.


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