CA Dem Party selects Delegates this past weekend

downloadAs the Democratic Party came together over the weekend, party members cast their votes, to elect delegates to serve at conventions and what not.  We at 2 Urban Girls were only concerned with delegates, who will represent:  the 54th, 62nd and 64th assembly districts.

54th Assembly District
Tom Camarella
Max Kanin
Nyabingi Kuti
Frederic Macfarlane
Stephen Murray
Mark Ridley-Thomas
Suzanne De Bendittis
Lilian Carter
Denise Collier
Mary Beth Fielder
Jacquelynn Hawthorne
Celestine Palmer
Michelle Weiner
62nd Assembly District
Brent Page
Travis Pham
TyRon Turner
Michael Newhouse
Nilo Michelin
Betsy Butler
Fabiola Ceja-Cervantes
Mart Evry
Linda Lucks
Sheila Mickelson
Karla Salazar
Celinda Vazquez
64th Assembly District
Julian Burger
Ricky Hicks
Jasper Jackson
Francisco Orozco
Marvin Stovall
KW Tullos
Ernesto Villasenor
Barbara Calhoun
Vera DeWitt
Sharron Haynes
Wilma Haynes
Joan Hippolyte
Irene Huerta
Gail Kennedy

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