Brooklyn is officially the most unaffordable housing market in America

genIn no less than a dozen articles, Compton Mayor Aja Brown has declared she wishes to turn the “Hub City” into the “new” Brooklyn.  In October 2013, Mayor Brown told The Guardian “…Compton is this amazing place, with a rich history…I see as the new Brooklyn.”  Yes, the City of Compton has a long history of not wanting Blacks to live in the area and a recent article on the current state of Brooklyn leaves me to believe, Blacks will soon not be welcome in Compton.  Again.

In this 2013 article that appeared on the Huffington Post titled “Is This City The New Brooklyn? Mayor Aja Brown Makes The Case For Compton” speaks on people not viewing Brooklyn as a “swanky” and “eclectic” urban community but she envisions that Compton can become the same.  Do her colleagues on the dais share this vision?

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In the summer of 2014, Mayor Brown attended the Essence Music Fest, where her and other mayors convened to discuss how they too want their city to be like Brooklyn, but not the gentrification aspect.  Gentrification charges that once neighborhoods become more “swanky” and “eclectic” the people that already live there become unable to afford to remain, post “revitalization.

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A newly published  book titled “Death of a Suburban Dream Race and Schools in Compton, Californiaauthor Emily E. Strauss discusses the housing covenants that banned homeowners from selling to Black’s. Gentrification doesn’t go as far as explicitly saying you can’t sell to minorities, they have instead resorted to making it unaffordable, by pricing us out.  Why would an elected official want to revert back to that?

The Business Insider published an article last month declaring Brooklyn the most unaffordable housing market in America.  Are Compton and Inglewood next?

Related article: Brooklyn is officially the most unaffordable housing market in America


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