Breaking News: Compton City Clerk receives notice of intent

The Compton city clerk’s office has confirmed that their office has received a notice of intent re: a marijuana referendum. 

This move comes on the heels of Greater Zion church pastor Michael Fisher and Compton residents protesting outside of a marijuana dispensary on Rosecrans Avenue.

The recently relected Mayor Aja Brown has publicly declared her support for a “secondary” marijuana market within city limits.

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The Los Angeles Wave quoted Mayor Brown:

Mayor Aja Brown said that while she does not approve of the dispensaries in Compton, the city might need to back a “secondary market” that supports the industry in order to provide the funding necessary for the investigations to close the shops.

“Anytime there is a particular ban, there will be a black market that pops up,” she said. “We may need to consider allowing shops that sell the supplies for marijuana use or a delivery service to other cities that sell it in order to close the gap.”


The city clerk’s office must confer with City Attorney Craig Cornwell before confirming the notice of intents contents and most importantly, who the applicants are.

Stay tuned.

3 Responses so far.

  1. […] a recent city council candidate, Bill Ivey, delivered a petition to the City Clerk’s office in support of marijuana being allowed in the city.  Residents are confused by Ivey’s referendum considering his step […]

  2. Joe says:

    As we all know, Proposition 64 did pass but according to the State we do not need to embrace it. How ever in my opinion, it pass only because of OUTSIDE INFLUENCE.

    It is truly unbelievable, how the City of Compton Church Group, CUSD, Parents, Teachers and the community will allow such a drastic event to take place within the community.

    The other day while summer school session was going on, I walked pass Compton High School and the Marijuana odor was to much. HOW CAN STUDENTS STUDY & LEARN ” HIGH ” Summer School is for those below average students.

    In my opinion, if we allow our CHILDREN & CHILDREN CHILDRENS to be faced with this problem, we created. We are the lowest of animals.

    • Robert says:

      Thing is, dispensaries aren’t the problem. Those kids aren’t going and getting legal weed. They’re getting it illegally. Stopping the dispensaries that allow for adults to go and get their stuff without fear of being robbed or killed on a corner is a good thing. It also could dry up the streets somewhat because gangs can’t depend on the cashcow that marijuana is. Kids determined enough will still get it. But that makes adults the gatekeepers like with alcohol and cigarettes. iiem I’m not a smoker.

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