Isadore Hall III: Rise from local politician to Congressional hopeful

izzyIsadore Hall III (D-Compton) has worked his magic and risen from humble beginnings to become the frontrunner in the special election, to fill the seat for the 35th Senatorial District.  The seat was vacated by Roderick Wright, last month, due to his conviction for not living in his district.  Hall hails from the City of Compton, where his political career began.  Hall has definitely learned to capitalize off of his likability and the misfortunes of his political colleagues.

After coming under fire in a scathing Los Angeles Times article, for his campaign donation spending, Hall said, “I don’t take any race for granted I plan to win by working hard and connecting with voters, crisscrossing across this town and meeting new folks.”

Hall was first elected to Compton Unified School District Board of Trustees in 2001 just as the district was coming out of state control (similar to Inglewood Unified School District).  The district was charged with mismanaging millions of dollars but unlike IUSD, charters didn’t pose a significant threat to their recovery.  The board was in dire need of new members and Isadore was elected.  He would only serve as a board trustee and board president, for the two short years he served.

In 2003 Hall was elected to Compton City Council representing the 4th District.  He benefitted from the impending conviction of then councilman Amen Rahh  for misappropriating city funds.  As councilman Hall created the highly popular Business2Business Quarterly networking meetings, which played a huge role in his winning re-election in April 2007.  Less than a year later Hall quickly filed to run for the 52nd Assembly District seat which was held by Merv Dymally.

In 2007 Hall contemplated a run for the then 37th Congressional District, due to the sudden death of Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald.  He decided against running due to not wanting to split the black vote with Laura Richardson.  Richardson also embarked on an unprecedented rise to power from council to Assembly to Congress in one year.

In 2008 Hall was elected to the California State Assembly in 2008 to replace Merv Dymally.  Dymally was the subject of a Los Angeles Times based rumor of an impending indictment and Dymally also vouched for People’s Temple founder Jim Jones, before he massacred 900 people on his property.  Hall ran against Republican candidate Gwen Patrick with 84% of the vote.

In 2009, Hall successfully authored legislation to help build the world’s first ‘green’ professional football stadium. Located in Los Angeles County, the proposed 75,000 seat LEED certified NFL stadium and entertainment complex will create over 18,000 jobs and utilize the latest in technology, planning and design to create the most environmentally sustainable athletic stadium complex ever created.

This was one of his most high-profile bills, which exempts activities associated with the development and operation of a proposed NFL stadium complex in Industry from the California Environmental Quality Act.

However, during Hall’s first term he missed some controversial votes, including the prohibition of smoking at state beaches, which passed both houses of the Legislature but was vetoed by the governor; a statement of opposition to offshore drilling; and a ban of single-use plastic bags at supermarkets, which passed the Assembly but failed in the state Senate.

For his re-election bid in 2010, he ran unopposed after Patrick dropped out of the race.

In 2010 the Assembly approved AB 1641, by Hall, to designate public housing projects, Jordan Downs and Nickerson Gardens, as redevelopment areas but someone dropped the ball and the project is in limbo with no funding to complete it.

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Before redistricting was finalized and less than a year later, in 2011, Hall was announcing his run for Congress.   The race would have pit Hall against Laura Richardson and Janice Hahn, but citing “not wanting to split the black vote” he dropped out of the race.

In 2011 the Assembly approved AB 227 by Hall, which would require California school districts seeking federal or state education technology grants, to develop comprehensive programs to fight cyber bullying and keep children safe while using computers at school.

In 2012 Hall ran for re-election to the newly created 64th Assembly District.

In 2013 Hall was also named Chairman of Assembly Select Committee on Human Rights, Diversity and Race Relations, but has failed to provide any statement surrounding the police brutality citizens, particularly people of color, are facing at the hands of law enforcement officials.  He was, however, quited outraged over the “Compton Cookout” debacle down in San Diego.  Hall currently serves as a reserve deputy for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

It was also during 2013 that San Francisco saw a dramatic increase in the number of individuals committing suicide by jumping from the various bridges.  Instead of introducing legislation to increase the height of fences, Hall authored legislation to rename  a portion of the bridge after Willie Brown.

In 2014 Hall became a household name when he introduced legislation addressing the sale of merchandise bearing the Confederate Flag, on State property.  It was approved by Senate and signed into law.  He also became the thorn in the porn industries side, when he proposed legislation requiring condoms in porn.  That bill is not expected to follow Hall into the Senate.   Hall has also called for audits of the Inglewood Unified School District and Covered California, which both failed to receive the required votes to move forward.


Although Hall has come under fire for campaign spending from LA Weekly, LA Times and other blogs,he is running campaigns every two years, which creates a need to always be in fundraising and spending mode.  As he looks to take over the 35th District he has to introduce himself to Inglewood voters, but has yet to interview with any Inglewood based news sources.

It is expected that Hall will make another run for Congress in 2016.  Hall has authored key legislation and I’m not sure of how it has affected the overall growth and betterment of his district.  Compton is in shambles and trying to come from under a $40 million dollar deficit.  Carson’s approval of oil drilling is making its residents ill and Hawthorne is trying to make ends meet by pondering a casino.

Hall recently suggested to the Daily Breeze’s Nick Green that he has a reputation of “bucking against the status quo”.  Really?  When?

It is my opinion that Hall didn’t spend enough time at the local level, instead using opportunities to make his way to Congress.  Betty Pleasant likes to characterize Hall as an “empty suit” and I would say its half empty.

How can I get excited over a candidate who I know plans on leaving in the next two years?  If the plan is for Steve Bradford to get this seat when (if) Hall leaves for Congress, why aren’t we voting for Steve now?  Political pundits say he has never run against a viable candidate, I would have to agree.  It’s easy to trample a relative nobody but does that truly indicate you’re effectiveness as a politician?

Don’t forget to vote in the special election tomorrow, December 9th.  I’m personally disappointed with the L.A. County Registrar’s office.  I haven’t received any information on the election tomorrow.  Does this have to do with my being registered Independent?

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  1. Robert Ray says:

    You did not mention that as a Councilperson in Compton, Isadore was largely responsible for bringing us a new shopping center, Target, Home Depot, TGIF, etc. I do support Isadore for this reason. As for the L.A. County Registrar’s office, they are a mess. Their voter registration lists for Los Angeles County are grossly inaccurate and If I were a candidate in tomorrow’s election I would not accept any results and would demand an audit claiming gross voter fraud. Perhaps your name was removed to make room for a dead person’s name to be reinstated. This did happen recently in Compton.

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