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IUSDYesterday, Julyl 1st,  Governor Jerry Brown signed a pension law that allows our newly appointed state administrator, Dr. Don Brann, the opportunity to not only collect a paycheck from Inglewood Unified School District, but also collect his pension.  Apparently the CDE was so hard up to appease the unions (those who could vote his ass OUT next year) they lured an old retired man with a law written just for him.With that type of offer, wouldn’t you come out of retirement?  But wait, he has been retired for over five years.  Being a trustee of Wiseburn is on a “volunteer” basis and receives no compensation.  The charters in Wiseburn are all independent so they run their own money.

Ladera residents, especially Cheryl Cook, who urged her neighbors to save money and get their children out of Inglewood USD and hop over to happiness in Wiseburn.  Is this why CDE ordered LaTijera to become a charter?  When Ladera residents attempted to remove themselves from IUSD and head to neighboring Culver City Unified, they were turned down.  Dr. Brann quickly and quietly recruited them.

It appears as though Dr. Brann was the founder of the Small School Districts Association (SSDA) whose sole intent was to streamline the process of providing educational services.  Independent charter schools perhaps?  In 2006, the SSDA held their 25th Anniversary conference, where then State Senator Tom Torlakson was a guest speaker.  Torlakson sent 18 bills to Governor Schwarzenegger that were signed into law, including legislation to streamline and improve California’s after school programs. The Senator helped provide $2.9 billion in additional funding to the state’s lowest performing schools.  Is this a kickback for allowing Wiseburn to grow into what it is today?  Now as Torlakson faces re-election as State Superintendent he needs all the votes he can get.

Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 86 that ONLY applies to state appointed administrators to avoid “double dipping” by collecting both pension and pay.  With this new bill in place, how soon before other school districts find themselves in this precarious situation?

At least Dr. Brann has credentials and a record of performing the duties he has been hired to do.  It’s interesting that the author of the article below, finally puts it in print that former IUSD adminstrator Kent Taylor was pressured into resigning by CDE, unlike previous articles where he states Kent Taylor resigned abruptly.  This is the same author who stated the district would be “vaporized”.  Does he feel the same now?

Dr. Brann receives a pension in the amount of $197,000 and helped Inglewood USD out by taking a $20k paycut and will receive only $180,000 plus no travel and/or benefits.

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  1. Susan says:

    Why can’t we revolt against the pillaging of education in Inglewood? It’s actually happening all over, it is just happening at a faster rate, in front of our very eyes and we are not able to hold the state accountable.

    • UrbanGirl says:

      There is definitely a war on free education to minorities. The government doesn’t want minorities employed, they want us in those new prisons.

      Urban Girl

    • UrbanGirl says:

      Parents barely show up to interact with their childs teachers, how would we mobilize an entire city?


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