Conversations: Bobby Seale

Bobby Seale and Anthony Samad/Urban GIrl Media 2014

Bobby Seale and Anthony Samad/Urban GIrl Media 2014

Urban Issues Forum hosted political activist and former Chairman of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, Mr. Bobby Seale, at the California African-American Museum (CAAM) on Friday, June 13th, in Exposition Park.  We enjoyed breakfast while listening to how and why the Black Panther Party came to exist.

The program’s host, Dr. Anthony Samad, introduced Bobby to an ecstatic crowd.  Bobby shared stories of starting the Black Panther Party alongside Huey Newton and what the party stood for.  To be in his early 80’s, his memory appears to be in tact and he eloquently delivered his memories to cheers from those in attendance.

(Urban Girl Media June 13, 2014)

(Urban Girl Media June 13, 2014)

Q&A brought thank you’s to Bobby for starting the Black Panthers, sharing their memories of either joining and/or benefitting from the parties numerous programs, many of which are still in use today.  Bobby signed copies of his book Seize the Time and numerous other memorabilia ranging from posters to DVD’s.  His wife Artie was very cordial and friendly as she helped us with our purchases.

Bobby Seale is a fine example of a man stepping up and having compassion and empathy for the plight of African-Americans and their living in poverty.  The party founded free breakfast programs, after school tutoring and sickle cell testing, to name a few, which were desperately needed at the time.

Bobby SealeI can’t share how humbling it is to be in the presence of those who are key figures in the civil rights movement and are still alive to share their stories.



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