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robin hoodThis powerful agency is no Robin Hood.  Internally they are cracking under increased scrutiny and pressure from their partners.  The agency has grown accustomed to living off the backs of taxpayers and rate payers alike, under the radar of the public.  The agency is losing money from long-term partnerships due to failure to reach deliverables outlined in their contracts.  Somehow the agency continues to be awarded annual contract extensions, in spite of it being widely known they don’t deliver.  Recent reports reveal they are begging to restore some of their funding.

The agency subsides on dues that are threatened, because key funders find no value in the relationship.  This is troublesome.  The agency wants to increase their dues.

Employees are also in turmoil.  They question the actions of the leadership and their lack of management skills.  Employees recognize the agency is more concerned about receiving a check than doing good for the community.  However, the partnerships find its the employees who are lacking by not reaching outlined goals.

The agency recently worked on a high profile project, but was mysteriously omitted from the reports released to the public, as a partner providing the outreach.

Who are they?

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