Blind Item: Is the CA Democratic Party discriminating against its own party members

Is the CA Democratic Party blocking “Berners” from party seats?

2 Urban Girls spoke with a party insider who has been in the trenches for decades.  The conversation progressed to acknowledge the lack of women of “color” in elected positions, yet the party does NOTHING to ensure their success, they go with the status quo.

When directly asked if they were tired of supporting the “status quo” they bluntly responded, “”we can’t differentiate true democrats from Berners.”  Huh?

This is the same party that is silent on the death of Gemmel Moore, a gay black man who overdosed in the home of Ed Buck, a prominent local democrat party funding source.  They are also mum on high profile campaign donor Harvey Weinstein’s blatant disregard for women.  President Obama was forced to comment due to his daughter having been an intern for the Weinstein’s company this past summer.

Is the party’s silence an affirmation that these issues don’t bother them?  The community is boycotting the NFL for not acknowledging the frustration of Black people’s treatment at the hand of law enforcement.  The party is quiet on that issue too.  Berner’s aren’t.

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They explained it hurts the community for if you don’t have key people in the seats (position) to allocate resources, then the game becomes “tricky”.

We remarked that after the departure of a key employee in an elected’s office, resources have been slowly drying up for consultants in the elected’s area.

The same elected has lost their penchant for continuing on the path that got them elected in the first place, despite a Black journalist’s valiant efforts to stop it.

They came into office with a desire to turn things around but that battle cry has long gone.  Events aren’t taking place throughout the entire district and re-election is around the corner.

Has the party’s mission changed to suppress the issues their members are facing in order to keep the money flowing?


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