Blind Item: Got Loyalty?


What’s loyalty?  This candidates lack of loyalty, could lead to their downfall.  Although they present in an articulate and charismatic fashion, many question their true intentions in the community.  So does 2 Urban Girls.

This candidate has shit on more folks than a bird with diarrhea.

From berating a colleague, multiple times, in the media to preventing campaign workers from getting paid, their behavior is beyond comprehension.

Going against true, homegrown community leaders, out of “political convenience”, was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.

Was it politically convenient to file timely, lawsuits?  Politically convenient to bring high-powered weaponry to the schools?  Politically convenient to introduce higher taxes, to a struggling community, who can barely afford their increased water/trash bills?

The teachers know what’s up and refuse to support the candidate, for any political seat.  They say when people show you who they are, believe them.

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  1. Michael Hill says:

    Robert, I think I live up the street from the individual you are referring to. And I’ve never seen him there, BTW. Some guy, who I assume is a family member just hanging around the place mostly. So let the bodies hit the floor on this one. I feel you…and the Brickyard deal is sketchy as well, since I don’t know who confirmed the property had contaminated soil, since the the city leaders, under the Perrodin Administration, had enacted an ordinance to prevent Atkinson from quick selling the property and that document also, if memory serves, had wording to prevent them from filling the deep ravine with soil that was not clean, but seems no one knows about that ordinance when you call the CM’s office. Lost in transition, and I served on the Planning Commission when the General Plan was presented to us and approved awhile back. Since then, I’ve been termed out, so as of 2014, my time on the commission came to an end. We tried to do our diligence at that time, but since new commissioners were appointed, I don’t think any of them even regard the delicate nature of what the city leaders, at that time, were trying to prevent. Only question is, who did the most recent study before the sale to Trammel Crow, as far as how much, if any, of the fill soil was tested, since the original concept had included a housing component, instead of giving the whole parcel and an additional parcel to the developer so quickly. The Willow Walk project also had contamination issues, but they managed to clean up the site to complete their building of the project, and I recall that issue very well. So brown soil is reclaimable, proof positive. Something is off on that deal, and I just can feel the trouble that’s coming if investigators discover the dark dirty secret that caused the parcel to be declared as commercial in re-zoning it’s classification. Planning Commission plays a key role as well as the Planning Department to change zoning. We shall see, perhaps one day, since most residents don’t know the particulars nor fully understand the implications if soil samples ever show zero contamination or remedial reclamation was completely ignored. Where are the soil studies so that the public can read the evaluation for themselves. Few would even research the issue, but I’m glad you mentioned it here as well as 2 urban girls. SMH…

  2. Robert Ray says:

    If this is who I think it is he doesn’t even live in Compton. He just uses his mother’s address for ‘voter residence’ purposes. He lives with his ‘friend’ in a beach city. His mother is up for re-appointment to the cities planning commission but she should be removed for her recent conflict of interest vote to sell the Brickyard to Trammel Crow. Her family owned that Brickyard property. I’m not mentioning his name but I’ll let you know if my guess is correct.

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