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imageWell.  Well.  Well.  If it isn’t Richard Wrongtree, Langston Snooze.  This mayor, moonlighting as a writer, manages to put readers to sleep on a weekly basis.  The mayor has also lost more money, that would benefit the black community, than the law allows.  The Black community is being bamboozled, in front of their very eyes, via television, print and a sinister grin.  

Media has gone so far as removing Black intellectuals, from their periodical, in favor of this unapologetic elected.

Some in the Black community turn a blind eye (in exchange for political favor), while others are cool on falling for the banana in the tailpipe.  Pun intended.


Managing to appoint Black folks, to key positions, doesn’t distract from their failure to do right by Black voters.  It’s also a tactic that is getting old and tired.

Finding no fault with his own personnel, when faced with tough decisions, they wield tremendous influence, to outside departments and entities, who also turn a blind eye to their lack of leadership, at the expense of Black people.

Amazingly, Blacks on the dais next to him, apparently aren’t tripping either, because they rarely, if it all, utter a dissenting word.



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