Basil Kimbrew is back stirring the pot

Basil Kimbrew is one of a kind.  He is a former elected official and former convicted felon, so it came as a shock when I heard rumors that he was part of the Aja Brown campaign.  Kimbrew has managed to public turn on many of the officials he has worked for: Patricia Moore, Eric Perrodin, to name a few, so I am sure it comes as no surprise he is back with the bullshit.

Najee Ali called him out on his Facebook page for trying to stir up controversy by labeling a staff member of Wendy Greuel’s camp as saying unsavory things towards his son, but today, in the Soulvine, Betty Pleasant let him have it too.

**reprint from the LA Wave**

By Betty Pleasant, Contributing EditorLos Angeles Wave |

I have fallen out with Basil Kimbrew again and this time, it will stick. Basil sent me an email labeled “confidential and private” in which he accused Wendy Greuel of having “racism in her camp” because one of her female employees allegedly verbally abused his son, who was or is working for Wendy. The email implied that the worker called Basil’s son a name and swore at him. Then it goes off on some kind of stream-of-consciousness tangent that made no sense at all, causing me to call Basil for a discussion of his email. I called Basil several times and left messages of my need to discuss his racism allegations as his “confidential and private” email to me made no sense. He never returned any of my calls. Then, I looked up and found his non-sensical “confidential and private” email to me was all over his Facebook page!

So, the matter obviously was not “confidential and private,” but was tantamount to Basil simply throwing a brick through Wendy’s window and then running to hide. Basil’s action has generated a lot of chatter in the community — none of it in his favor. In fact, people who know and have worked with his son say that if Wendy’s employee did say those things about Basil’s son, she did not lie. They say what while he may be a loving and devoted son to Basil, his ability and work ethic comes nowhere near that of a Sebastian RidleyThomas, another son we all know.

I first fell out with Basil when he called Rep. Janice Hahn a racist for running against that abomination Laura Richardson for Congress. He later came to his senses and repented and apologized for his biased knee jerk opinion of Hahn. Basil needs to just stay away from white women because he doesn’t know how to act — and stay away from me, too.

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