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Inglewood Boys Varsity Basketball coach resigns

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2 Urban Girls hates to report the resignation of Inglewood Boy’s Varsity Coach Patrick Roy.  Roy has coached the team for nearly three decades.  Sources at Inglewood High tell this blog that the ongoing dispute with Principal Debbie Tate led to his departure.  Assistant Coach “Will” will take the reigns of the team.

Former mayor works for law firm writing cannabis ordinances attached to federal probe

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City of Adelanto Mayor Pro-Tem Jermaine Wright has been arrested on bribery charges stemming from a cannabis ordinance the city expanded in December 2016. He allegedly received payments through a third-party to pass a cannabis ordinance and another to burn down his restaurant.  The Foxx Firm wrote the cannabis ordinance where former Hawthorne Mayor Chris […]

Is the Compton Unified School District “turnaround” a farce

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In April 2017 Compton Unified School District (CUSD) issued a press release touting the success of the schools students under the current board of trustees.  Dominguez High School lost their WASC accreditation, the month after CUSD heralded the “turnaround” in the district.  With school board elections less than a day away, the local paper has […]

Inglewood native joins WAGS: LA cast

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WAGS LA opens its third season with an Inglewood native joining the roster. The show follows the Wives and Girlfriends of professional sports athletes with Dominique Penn as the newest member of the cast.

Hawthorne City Clerk inadvertently exonerates former mayor to urge support of sales tax increase

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The city of Hawthorne is running a deficit and City Clerk Norb Huber wants residents to vote yes on Mesaure HH to raise the city’s sales tax.  His reasoning leads this blogger to believe the accusations leveled at the city’s first African-American Mayor Chris Brown, were bogus and exploited to oust him as mayor due […]


Congresswoman Maxine Waters raises eyebrows with entertainment purchases

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LA Foucs recently published a statement from Congresswoman Maxine Waters regarding $10k in campaign funds that was spent on show tickets to see the musical Hamilton.  Her office attributed the expense to “fundraising”.  The median household income in Mrs. Waters congressional district is $44,230.

Compton College Sets Path to UCLA for Former Foster Youth

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Statistics show that young men of color are less likely to enroll in and graduate from college than their peers of other ethnic origins. In fact, only 7 percent of black men in the U.S. earn an associate degree, and 17 percent have a bachelor’s degree. Compton College alumni and political science major Dayshawn J. […]

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