Audited financials for 2002 Compton school bond

imageOn November 5, 2002, 83% of Compton voters passed Measure I, authorizing an $80 million dollar bond, for school repairs.  In the summer of 2015, a public hearing on the upcoming Measure S bond measure revealed the money was spent on things the public “can’t see”.

The expenditures went on wiring, air conditioning and what not.  The purpose behind Measure S is to rebuild Compton High School.  The saving grace for Compton property owners, is an oversight committee is required to be assembled, to monitor the money paid towards the project, should it pass.  Hopefully the persons selected will have integrity, and not approve expenditures, on auto-pilot with no questions asked, as the change orders start rolling in.

Special thanks to Kevin Dayton, of the Dayton Public Policy Institute.  He made waves in Compton when he declared Hub City, the city most likely to go bankrupt.  The city’s response can be found on the official website, for the city of Compton.

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  1. Joyce kelly says:

    Vote NO on Measure S. Elle cred officials spend money on coaches to coach the developers. They’ll spend money on their meals during their meetings. They will pay contractors to do shoot work. Contractors will be selected to give a cut to people who hired them.

  2. c. miller says:


  3. Robert Ray says:

    If you vote for it you will pay for it.

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