Assemblyman Steve Bradford is having a Town Hall Meeting

imagesTomorrow, May 11th from 11am – 1pm, Assemblyman Steve Bradford will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting at City Hall in Inglewood.  Cal-Pro is urging those employees, both classified and certificated, to attend this meeting.

Vital services have already been trimmed from the Inglewood USD budget where the community has already lost the following programs:

o  The Adult Education Program
o   Child Development Center
o   Head Start
o   Hillcrest High School

Still possibly up for grabs, in terms of layoffs:

  • IUSD School Police, Campus Security
  • Maintenance, Groundskeepers
  • Technicians, office staff, cafeteria workers

The classified staff definitely needs to step up efforts to support their fellow co-workers because negotiations are up next for them since the current MOU expires at the end of SY 2012-13.  The teachers have enjoyed the comfort of a union that negotiated them to be removed from yard duty, lunch duty, kids can’t come on some campuses until 7:40am although many are dropped off as early as 7am, arrive to work when they want, take extended absences during the school year, etc.  Those very comforts afforded to them could be lost with the increased reduction of certificated staff who take on the bulk of providing coverage during the times the teachers are no longer required to do.

There are some schools who have aides hired at less than $9 per hour, and only alloted 3 hours per day, working upwards of 12 hours daily to help balance the staffing crisis at some elementary schools.  It’s too bad when the 3 hour worker is working harder than those on salary!  Why do you think the district contracted with Playworks?  Playworks helps with monitoring the school yard with kids they teach to patrol the other kids.  Why pay contract staff to teach kids conflict resolution and not the credentialed teachers?  How many Playworks staff have credentials in the first place?  One elementary school had to go so far as to demand a Playworks staff member remove offensive videos off of YouTube that he showed the students of him gyrating around pretending to be Beyoncé.  WTF?

I would hate to be a teacher at one of the middle schools or high school campuses with kids on experimental drugs, gang affiliated, and no campus security and/or school police?  How many attacks on teachers may occur if there are no school police, on campus, to enforce decorum?

Read Cal-Pro’s message by clicking here.


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