Arnold Butler says he’s doing an outstanding job as IUSD Boardmember

Arnold-ButlerIn a recent interview published in Our Weekly, Mr. Butler is quoted as saying, “…people feel I’m doing such an outstanding job that no one feels I need to be challenged. I’ll stack my credentials up against anyone,” said Butler.  Let’s not get besides ourself Mr. Butler.  What is your plan exactly to fix the district? Running unopposed does NOT mean people feel you are doing a great job, Inglewood community members KNOW that the state will be here for at least (5) years so having you up there doing nothing is no big concern for as an advisory member you have NO power!  It was noted that at the IUSD board meeting on March 12th, you where nowhere to be seen on the dais as IUSD employees lost their jobs, which showed clear lack of support to our state appointed administrator, but conveniently decided to appear at last nights meeting to remind us your on the board. GTFOH!

“It’s a shame Butler is running unopposed,” said Peter Somberg, president of the Inglewood Teacher’s Association (ITA). “I think it’s because the school board has lost its power and decision-making authority.


“In 1999, the Measure K bond was issued for $131 million, but grew to $180-190 million. And those contracts were meted out to friends. The public was disgusted with how it was handled and with the cost overruns. Those who run for a seat on the board now are those who want to do the right thing and help their community,” added Somberg.

Recently, residents passed Measure GG with a 83 percent approval rating. The $90 million and matching state grant of $20 million will improve Inglewood’s quality of education and conditions at its schools.

Margaret Richards-Bowers was a member of Citizens for Inglewood Excellence in Education, a group of local of volunteers formed to ensure the successful passage of Measure GG—a bond measure specifically intended to improve school facilities and bring technology to the classrooms.

I am disappointed to find that Mrs. Bowers helped pass Measure GG especially with the over spending on LaTijera, and the manner in which Measure K monies were doled out, but she is a resident of Ladera Heights, sorry Mrs. Bowers, I don’t agree with you championing Measure GG nor do I support Mr. Butler’s candidacy.  In fact I hope Mr. Butler receives LESS than the needed votes to remain on the dais.  Please note that Mariana Prado has dropped out of the election. 

Carliss Richardson-McGhee

Carliss Richardson-McGhee

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