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IUSDLet me ask the people!  Does your child attend a school within the Inglewood Unified School DistrictPlease comment as to why or why not?

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  10. Marie says:

    My son attended Daniel Freeman from 1st to 6th grade and I loved the education my son received. All of his teachers prepared him to successful in any school district. He has been an honor student in middle school and currently in high school.

    • UrbanGirl says:

      Does your child attend the middle and high schools in IUSD? With all of the turmoil, did you ever consider removing him?

    • Marie says:

      I moved out of state and that is the only reason we left Inglewood. Currently live in MA outside of Boston and he attends of the best school district in the state. His GPA is 3.75 with honor classes.

      • UrbanGirl says:

        Is his current school public or private and how would it rate to the IUSD you left?

  11. 4th Ave says:

    No. My children do not attend #IUSD schools because the API scores are too low, the published suspension rates are too high, and I don’t want them recruited by gang bangers when they get to middle school.

    • UrbanGirl says:

      Most elementary schools (K-6) are some of the best. The middle and high schools are the areas needing the most work in IUSD. Did you send your children to a private school or neighborhing school district?

      • 4th Ave says:

        My children attend a charter school outside of Inglewood. Have you seen the suspension rates at #IUSD compared to the State average? Its disgusting. If #IUSD had an elementary and middle school with above 800 API’s and an acceptable amount of behavioral problems, I might consider them.

        But at the rate they’re cutting teachers they’re all gonna be in one room soon like they were on Little House on the Prairie!

        • UrbanGirl says:

          They haven’t officially began to cut teachers from the K-12 population, yet. It appears as though the state is going back to providing funding for the students falling into this category. Legally IUSD is not required to fund Head Start, Adult School or Continuation. They have implemented transitional kindergarten in the hopes of recapturing the students in Head Start.

          Hermosa Beach has an overcrowding issue as well. When enrollment dropped they sold off schools and now that enrollment is back up they don’t have enough room for the increase.

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