Are dead people still voting

untitledLast week I received an email to attend a meeting to discuss voter fraud in a LA County city.  The flyer stated “dead people have been voting for years” and a group was meeting to discuss what to do about it.  Is this type of voter fraud even remotely impossible?

The LA County Registrar and Recorders office is the holder of all records in the city.  They record your birth, marriage, business filings, change of name, voter rolls and most importantly, this office records your death.

To suggest that the Registrar/Recorders office is not doing their job of removing persons from the voter rolls, simultaneously as they are receiving/recording/filing of said person’s death certificate is preposterous right?  Is that process done automatically that once the death certificate is given to the office it should remove that person instantly, right?

It appears that LA County found the voting process in the Registrar/Recorders office a little shaky themselves since they are implementing a new voting system that they want your input on.  Wouldn’t it just be easier to develop a program that adds a box that says “remove from voter roll” to ensure accuracy?

Is this why there is outrage over having to show valid identification when you vote to prevent dead people from impacting an election?  Sheesh!

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