Are City of Inglewood employees in for a surprise

imagesAs a lover of all things Inglewood, reading a combination of Inglewood Today, Morningside Park Chronicle and a relatively lesser known blog called the Inglewood Block Club (IBC), 2UrbanGirls is able to keep you abreast of what’s going on in the city.

**update** the Inglewood Block Club explains their controversial post.


2UrbanGirls ponders: If revenues are indeed up and expected to maintain those levels with the opening of the Forum and Hollywood Park Tomorrow, why would the city need to revisit the cumbersome unmanageable retirement and pension promises?


Also, has anyone bothered to follow-up on HOW the employees credit union failed?  If the city can’t manage the credit union then what else aren’t they managing correctly?

You may recall that the Inglewood employee unions backed candidates that are no longer on the dais.  Does it matter?  Judy Dunlap is part of the reason employees are on furlough now.  Remember she voted to declare the fiscal emergency back in 2010 when former mayor Dorn had to vacate the premises.  I wonder how newly elected councilman Alex Padilla is coming along in his efforts to have the fire station reopened since that was one of his campaign promises?

This morning I received an article from the IBC and have cut and paste the pertinent part, but if you wish to read the full post you can do so by clicking here.

This must be the sound of business. Tonight’s City Council Meeting was completely and totally boring.


The news was good and bad, as city finance managers stepped through a PowerPoint presentation that laid out the city’s budget and unveiled the realities that have been glossed over for the past few years, forcing the Mayor to reveal that going forward, the city may have to revisit some cumbersome unmanageable retirement and pension promises.


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