Are Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Rabbi’s on the “Down Low”

photo 1This article is not a post to denigrate ones religion, however, it does give great pause to think children are being infected with sexually transmitted diseases, under the guise of their faith.

The Daily Beast recently ran an article titled “Why Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Babies Keep Getting Herpes” which discusses the rise of herpes in ultra-orthodox Jewish babies, soon after their bris, which occurs when they are 8 days old.

The article goes on further to state New York Mayor Bill deBlasio is doing nothing to curb the infections, in spite of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene findings of herpes lesions on children as young as two weeks old.

Bris is the Jewish equivalent to the tradition of circumcision. The difference is most circumcision like activities take place in the hospital, shortly after the babies birth. In the Jewish faith, it is celebrated amongst family and friends.

As part of the ceremony, the Rabbi sucks the blood from the babies penis, after the foreskin is removed.

Metzitzah b’peh (MBP), the orogential (mouth to genitals) suctioning of blood from the penis of an infant male following circumcision, poses one of the most unusual and upsetting public health issues.

Are we to believe that the babies are contracting herpes from straight Rabbi’s?

I am also wondering why the Rabbi would need to physically suck on the child’s penis and what religious significance does it represent?  Are we as outraged as by this as we are the pedophile Catholic priests?

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