Former City Council Members Found Guilty

Photo by Gary McCarthy

Fernando Pedroza and Louis Byrd have been found guilty of misappropriating public funds and for abusing city credit cards.  While serving the City of Lynwood, between 1998-2003, prosecutor Hassett describes their actions as “hijacking” the public funds by increasing their salaries, holding frivolous meetings and abusing their credit cards. These types of actions, by sitting council members, is nothing new.  Cities of Bell, Compton,  and Detroit, to name a few, have all seen council members hauled off to jail for stealing from the very constituents they are elected to represent.   We notice the common trend of preying on those who are less fortunate.  The average median income of all three cities is approximately $32k and most residents with a high school education.  they represent a population that is so busy working they have no time to pay attention to what the elected officials are up to.  As we look forward to emerging leaders become more diverse, educated and involved in the political process, we hope that they do not follow in the footsteps of these misguided souls.  Your freedom is priceless.

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