What’s Going On: New Hampshire Primary

This past Tuesday was the New Hampshire Primary.  The Republican candidacy pool has seen a couple of popular candidates, both Michele Bachman and Herman Cain drop out of the race, and we have seen a resurgence in Mitt Romney.   Romney was victorious in the primary followed by Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry (who trailed with only 1% support).  This gives Romney great momentum as the South Carolina primary rolls around on Jan. 21st.

Although Romney’s record with private equity firm Bain Capital, a firm that invests in start-ups and leveraged buyouts,  was heavily attacked feels that Obama will try to place free enterprise on trial.  Romney feels that “this kind of attack on free enterprise is not gaining traction for them.” strongly implying that Obama is judge with Gingrich and Perry as witnesses to the prosecution, who by the way where only able to gain single digit support with  9% each.

We will closely follow the scheduled Republican primaries and report our findings back to you.


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