Why is the Carson mayor running for City Clerk

imageThe Utility-Users’ Tax Citizens Oversight Committee in the City of Carson (CA) is frustrated with the city’s failure to turn over documents, in a timely manner, as they directly relate to the spending of UUT proceeds. UUT is generated as a tax off every customer’s utility bills. Utilities are defined as your phone, electricity, gas and cable bills. Oddly, satellite providers are excluded. The city’s Municipal Code established the right to collect the UUT and mandated oversight. Yet, the committee is facing many obstacles to monitoring how the money is being spent. It also doesn’t help that Mayor Jim Dear is running for City Clerk.

With the UUT funds going directly into the general fund and no clear language in the municipal code on where the proceeds are to be directed, it’s unclear what the fuss is about. However, the UUT tax is set to sunset in 2016.

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Since there are no publications out of the City of Carson, information is scarce. What I do know is everyone is up in arms over why Mayor Dear wants to be the City Clerk all of a sudden.  He is also upset he doesn’t have the support of the California Friends of the African American Caucus.

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The City Clerk has three primary duties: run elections, place/receive bids and hold all official city documents. If the City Clerk is the official document holder, could the possibly newly elected clerk ensure those documents, the oversight committee is requesting, never sees the light of day?

Vote Donesia L. Gause for City Clerk.

UPDATE 1/22/15

By now we have all heard about the City of Carson’s attempts to ban the residents from reading the Daily Breeze newspaper.  Carson councilmembers, particulary Albert Robles and Mayor Jim Dear, are behind this resolution, that was subsequently pulled.

Carson councilman sheds light on why he voted AGAINST Occidental Oil

Council contends the Daily Breeze writes unfavorably about murders that occur near and/or around the city.  They wanted to implement a resolution that they would only publish legal notices and nothing else.  They also urged residents to not read the Daily Breeze either.

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The City of Carson, like most small cities, does not employee a Public Information Officer, who can promote the positive things in the city.  There is also no community based newspaper, that I am aware of, that can assist with the promoting the positive side of Carson since council says they have become a “destination” city.

It is still unclear why CM Robles is being investigated for holding two elected offices while a white guy in Pasadena is getting away with it as we speak.  Is justice color blind in Los Angeles County?

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