Another school district employee arrested for embezzlement


Another school district is facing a scandal involving personnel.  An accountant with the Rialto Unified School District has been arrested for embezzlement of the schools lunch money. 

First school librarians and a plant manager from the Inglewood and Los Angeles Unified School District’s were arrested for the theft and selling of textbooks.  Then Lawndale Elementary School District follows having successfully prosecuted their food services manager for demanding kickbacks on school lunches then the former city manager for the City of Bell, plead no contest to 69 counts in his corruption trial.

It’s really unfortunate that taxpayers money is treated so callously.  More importantly, the investigation revealed that years of school records are missing related to the amounts earned in the lunch program.  So far only $1.8 million could be documented back to 2005, while school officials believe as much as $3.8 million is missing.  Why wasn’t the theft covered sooner?  No one was paying attention.

The California Department of Education is wondering why school officials didn’t notice the numbers not adding up.  Both the superintendent and his deputy have been placed on leave.

Why does this sound familiar?  Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) has years of documents missing related to expenditures for the Measure K bond money.  Just as Rialto Unified School District didn’t have anyone paying attention to their accountant, who wasn’t paying attention to the Inglewood taxpayers money?

Many wonder how State Controller John Chiang was able to audit the City of Bell.  When 2UrbanGirls spoke with Mr. Chiang we asked him, what triggers an audit?  Chiang replied, “someone has to call me from the organization”.

Trina Williams and Jack Wolfberg publiclycalled for an audit during a school board meeting.  The Morningside Park Chronicle confirmed IUSD triggered an IRS audit in May.  Is that why Inglewood Unified School District was taken over so hastily?


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