Another example of SCE’s greed

untitledSouthern California Edison (SCE) has yet another lawsuit filed against them.  Another Redondo Beach family is suing them over electric currents flowing through their home that has made their child ill.  Having been forced from the family home due to the hazard, the home fell into foreclosure and the bank couldn’t sale at auction.

Lawyers for the Contreras family appeared at the auction to alert potential bidders about the dangers of living in the home. The Contreras’ daughter suffers from a paralyzed esophagus and gastrointestinal problems.

Another family living neat the Topaz Substation at Prospect and Knob Hills Avenue, received a $4 million dollar settlement from SCE for the same issues.  The utility is discharging excess electrical current into the ground.

In March, a Knob Hill homeowner, Simona Wilson, was awarded $4 million by a Superior Court jury that found Edison was negligent and acted with “reckless disregard.” Wilson, who also lived next door to the Topaz Substation, sued the company in 2011 after she was shocked by stray electricity pulsing through her shower head.

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Greed…give me everything that I need

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