Another Compton recall bites the dust

Have any elected officials in the city of Compton been successfully recalled?  The answer is still NO.

Despite SB Strategies (SBS) best efforts, District 1 residents are happy with their current Councilwoman Janna Zurita.  Ms. Zurita released a statement thanking her supporters.

“The thousands of voters who refused to sign the Recall Petition chose real leadership over chicanery and real dedication or phony promises and someone they know really loves our city, over the forces who just want to take advantage of them,” said Zurita.
The Recall Effort failed by not collecting enough legitimate voters’ signatures to put the recall on the ballot.
“That result should tell outside special interests and those who want to help them take over our community’s destiny, and halt its progress; that you cannot be fooled or misled.
“It should tell everyone that Compton is not for sale, rent or takeover. It should tell them that Compton is for the people of Compton and the progress on which we are working every day is to make our City a great place to live, learn and develop,” she added.



The next hurdle will be Compton paying for an election, in November, they haven’t budgeted for.


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