An Open Letter to the Inglewood Teachers Association

Open-Letter-GraphicAs a proud alumni and parent of a student within Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) I drafted this letter and sent to the Inglewood Teachers Association (ITA) in regards to the service our children and parents are receiving from the front line staff:  teachers and principals.  

Greetings ITA,

I was disappointed you unsubscribed to my email list, especially with me working hard behind the scenes to assist the teachers and working hard to keep you in the loop of issues I uncover.
When teachers are unhappy with not getting paid for summer work and/or trainings, they reach out to me and i in turn meet with Joe Dominguez, to discuss.  I keep an excellent relationship with our state administrators and are able to freely take your concerns to admin to avoid a PR nightmare.
As a former student and current parent in IUSD it is my paramount concern that teachers, staff and students are safe and in sanitary classrooms.  I am disappointed that the same educational deficiencies that existed in the 80s and 90s, has carried over into the 2000s.
Teachers lack creativity, don’t enforce critical thinking and lack enthusiasm, when teaching.  In fact they take their unconscious biases to  label our children poor (to receive people’s discarded and expired food at holidays) to stripping of their dignity by labeling them troublesome and/or rebellious, for demonstrating critical thinking.
Teachers expect children to be robots and sit in a classroom for more than an hour, in a chair, not talking, which is absurd.  If Common Core is a more holistic and hands on approach, many of your members are failing.  (see above paragraph).
I choose to work with administration to get things turned around.  The leadership that your union has put money behind and endorsed for board members, has backfired and has led to a two decade decline under their leadership and YOUR endorsing it.
My suggestion is to work with teachers to be the best representative they can be.  As a parent my first line of contact is the teacher and the principal, not the district office.  So if parents are removing their children it is a DIRECT RESULT of the attitude of the teacher and/or the prinicipal.
The sooner your members realize the role they play in this, the better the district will be.   The teachers should actually demand, of ITA:
– an audit of how their dues are being spent especially during election;
– immediate change in your leadership through voting some of you OUT
Perhaps I can discuss that on my blog.  With school board elections around the corner, your past choices lead me to believe your org has no clue what they are looking for in a leader and we are in state receivership as a direct result.
Be on the lookout for my interview with Dr. Brann.  It will hit my site in two weeks.
Have a great day.

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I am a lifelong Inglewood resident living in District 4. I serve on PTA and School Site Council as Vice-President, for the last 8 years with Inglewood Unified School District. I volunteer on the Wellness Committee for ICEF Public Schools. I am an alumni of California State University, Dominguez Hills with a degree in Political Science. You can find me on Twitter under @CreoleMommie

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