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(Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times / July 2, 2013)

(Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times / July 2, 2013)

Mystery solved.  In yesterday’s “blind item” we discussed 35th Senate District candidate, Steve Bradford, failing to secure the endorsement of assembly members Autumn Burke (AD 62) and Mike Gipson (AD64).  Not only does he have to fend off Warren Furutani but also a true environmentalist that has stepped up to the plate.  Will this new candidate gain their endorsement?

In May of this year, 2 Urban Girls was present at the solar panel installation of a family living in Willowbrook.  Press materials featured background on AB 32, which uses cap-and-trade funds, to invest in low-income communities, effected by emissions created by trucks.  We noted that 95% of the elected officials, who signed in support of the funds being used in low-income communities, were Latino’s.  Not a single Black legislator supported it.  It is critical to note that a handful of Black run non-profits did.

Compton council member Isaac Galvan, was also listed as a supporter. In fact, he was the only elected official from both the 64th and 35th Districts to be listed.

He is now the next candidate to enter the 35th Senate race.

It’s hilarious to note, elected officials in Carson and Compton have endorsed both Isaac and Steve for the same seat.  This race just got interesting…

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  1. Robert Ray says:

    When I saw that ‘blind item’ yesterday I thought it was Isaac Galvan, but I did not weigh in. Isaac Galvan is a nice young man and has been doing a lot of great things for the kids of Compton. That said, I do not feel that he has had enough ‘political’ experience to run for the State Senate. I think it would serve him well to spend a second term as a city councilman for Compton.

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